Our Canteen operates Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. There will be a menu change each term that will be posted on our website and sent home in weekly newsletter. Our $5.00 Meal Deals as well as Mix and Match changes each term. Correct money would be appreciated. No late orders accepted. 


Menu 2021

Meal Deal Order Form

Mix and Match Term 4


Lunch Orders and Counter Sales are available on these days, (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday).


Order by simply writing the child's Name & Room Number & the order on the outside of an envelope and place money inside. Or alternatively write the order on a piece of paper and use a plastic zip top bag to enclose it with the money inside. Place the completed order and money into the appropriate neighbourhood tub at the Canteen Window before school starts on the day it is required.

All orders will be taped onto the appropriate packaging and returned to the child with the food inside and any change will be stuck on the outside.

Special Vouchers are also attached to the outside. These need to be returned to the canteen to collect some items eg: Frozen Ice-Creams & Milkshakes. Please explain to your child that they will need to bring the voucher back when they are ready to exchange it.

Please DO NOT USE STAPLES as they may become loose and fall into food.

Our Menu is designed with guidelines encouraging Healthy Eating choices. Please utilise the service when you can.

Many items in the Menu can be offered as Vegetarian, Gluten Free or Halal, but these items MUST be requested when ordering. Here at KFPS we are more than happy to work on some choices to suit your requirements.

Please visit the Canteen for more information.

Canteen Manager
Rayelene Burns