Our Philosophy

Our school’s vision is to prepare young people to become active, engaged and responsible citizens capable of successfully interacting and learning in our local and the wider global community.  Students are at the centre of our learning community and the decisions we make. Every member of our school community both individually and collectively has a responsibility to ensure we are the best that we can be! Together we can always do better!

Our school values of- Respect, Teamwork, Responsibility and Being Your Best capture the spirit of the way we go about our work and our commitment to continuous improvement.

These school values underpin our school philosophy in all that we do. Our overarching school mantra is: Imagine, Believe, Achieve, which is introduced/ revised in our quality beginning work at the start of the each school year.  

Key teams within our school interact and collaborate to ensure each student has the best opportunity to reach their potential. Our school structure is founded on “neighbourhood thinking” every teacher within a neighbourhood has a responsibility to every learner and each other. Professional Learning Teams and our School Improvement Team implement the goals of the Strategic Plan translates this into action across the school.

Ongoing professional learning is a key school priority and is actioned through peer coaching, peer observations, a whole staff professional learning program and learning partnerships with other schools.

Regular evaluation processes to assess and track performance, assess strengths and identify areas for further attention are integral elements within our learning architecture.

At Kangaroo Flat Primary School we develop and foster opportunities to support and grow resilience and relationship skills in every learner enabling them to thrive socially and emotionally. Using the School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports Framework along with the explicit teaching of wellbeing, we work hard to ensure that every face has a place!

We are proud of our community and our students. We openly and actively celebrate our achievements and the achievements of our students via our weekly school community assemblies, newsletter, school app, website and local media. Friday school assemblies showcase weekly highlights under the leadership of an outstanding student Assembly Team.

Community counts at kfps!  Knowing your community, embracing your community and growing your community will ensure every member thrives !