Physical Education Program

Posted on Mon 27th of November at 1:57 pm

Physical Education Program
The Physical Education (PE) program has a major focus on developing the whole student as well as their Fundamental Motor Skills. Through high expectations in all classes, the students develop their resilience, tolerance of others and sportsmanship.
While developing the above traits, the junior PE program has a big focus on all Fundamental Motor Skills (throw, catch, run, jump, kick, strike) and the correct technique when performing these. As the student’s progress, the focus switches to transferring these skills into sporting games/activities.
In the senior grades, the focus switches to exposing students to a variety of sports, both traditional and non-traditional. During these sessions, skills and strategies are explored while always concentrating on sportsmanship and fair play.
One of the major programs for students from Grades 3-6 is our Bike Education Program. Our aim is to firstly ensure that all students can ride a bike, to then making sure that students have the skills and confidence to operate their bikes safely. Giving students the knowledge and awareness of road rules, correct etiquette and skills is important to ensure that students utilise their bikes in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) – Prep students
The PMP program is a major part of the Prep Physical Education program. The first semester each year sees a big emphasis on following direct instructions, walking in lines and participating safely in all activities. The second semester sees higher expectations being set while having a bigger focus on body control, coordination and general sporting skills.
Our grade 5 cohort are used as leaders within this program. This not only develops the relationships between younger and older students, but also provides rich learning and development opportunities for student’s leadership.
Over the past 2 years, the results in both younger and older student development has been significant. The Prep student’s growth in confidence transfers across their entire schooling providing greater encouragement for student’s to challenge themselves in their overall learning.