Bee Cool

Posted on Tue 14th of November at 9:47 am

Bee Cool
On Monday, our Ironbark students were very excited to welcome Ian — a local beekeeper to talk to them all about bees and honey. Our students were excellent listeners and got a chance to look at some of the equipment a beekeeper uses. Our students also had an opportunity to learn about the different roles a bee has and the importance of bees in our local ecosystems. It was a great opportunity for our students to learn about bees and why we need to look after these very important creatures. Here are some Australian Honeybee facts….
One bee colony reproduces by splitting up in two. The natural way to do this is by swarming.
Honeybees are social animals, living in a complex society, with a queen, security guards, builders and repairers, cleaners, nurses, undertakers, heating and cooling technicians, scouts, honey makers, pollen stampers, store workers and collectors of nectar, pollen, water and resin.
A sheet of honeycomb is a construction of adjacent cells of perfect hexagonal shape, which is the most material-efficient design for a light-weight construction of great strength.
The bee has two sets of wings, which can be hooked together in flight so they flap as one at 16,000 times a minute.
Honey has amazing healing powers.
Bees navigate by utilising the light polarisation in the sky.
Thousands of bees can live in a hive.