Scienceworks Excrsion

Posted on Fri 23rd of June at 9:32 am

Grade 3 students had a great time on our Scienceworks excursion. After an almost 2 hour bust trip, we were excited to explore around the museum where we had a look into the future. The Sports Works part of the museum seemed to be a big hit with the students where they were able to race against Cathy Freeman.
After exploring, we headed into the Planetarium where we got to lay back, relax and enjoy a show on why we have seasons. Did you know that the Earth is tilted on a 23.5 degree angle? Without this tilt we wouldn't have our four seasons.
After the TILT show, we went straight into the Science lab where we learnt lots of cool facts about heating and cooling. Did you know that the freezing point of water is 0 degrees? Seb and Brayden got to blow up a balloon from the OUTSIDE! Yep, that's right. The balloon was crushed with liquid nitrogen which made it contract and the boys used their warm breath to inflate it again. The warm air expanded the balloon.
We had a great day and cannot wait to learn more about the seasons in our Science topic next term.