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KFPS News: Parent Opinion Survey results, Step into Preps, Playground, Team China, 2017 Planning, Class Structures, Car Parking, Calendar reminders, Market Day, Celebration Night 1st Dec, Meal Deal.

Wed 23rd of November at 2:00 pm

KFPS News: Prep 2017 transition days start next Tuesday, Woorabinda Camp, Team China Fundraiser, Prep-2 Playground update, Car parking and safety concerns, Meal Deal for Friday, Awards and much more.

Wed 16th of November at 1:00 pm

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Posted on Fri 4th of November at 8:41 am



We were treated to a fantastic concert from Carey Grammar students today. They told the history of the Murray River through music, song and poetry. We saw violins, clarinets, saxophones and trumpets. The students sang and danced. It was very interesting because most Grevillea students had not seen a performance like this before.

Posted on Tue 1st of November at 2:15 pm


Garden Gang!

Grade 2s have joined Room 14 in the garden this week during transition. We did some quiet reading outside in the sunshine and then got our hands dirty moving soil ready to plant some more succulents. Our garden is coming along nicely thanks to the hard work of the students. Our Very Hungry Caterpillar face will be attached in the coming weeks and potting mix will fill the tyres so we can plant some herbs.

Posted on Fri 21st of October at 8:47 am


Term 4 Transition

Transition for the grade 2 students has begun. They will visit the Grevillea neighbourhood each Thursday for four weeks to become familiar with the learning space, the new environment and to get a sense of how some things will be different for them next year but also many things will still be similar.

Posted on Mon 17th of October at 8:33 am


Garden Gang Room 14

Room 14 have been busy in the garden now that the weather is finally starting to warm up. We have made some great progress with the space outside our classroom window revamping it from a dead, tiresome space into a colourful garden.

Posted on Fri 7th of October at 1:35 pm


Ready, Set, Slow......

Posted on Thu 15th of September at 2:05 pm


Grevillea News

Students from Grevillea neighbourhood went by bus into Bendigo to celebrate

Posted on Thu 15th of September at 12:28 pm


Making Ice Cream in a Bag

This week we tried to make LIQUID milk into SOLID ice cream. We poured milk, vanilla essence and sugar into a

Posted on Mon 12th of September at 1:07 pm


Grade 3 News: Design a Car

Posted on Mon 12th of September at 1:02 pm